Destroy the Scariff Shield Gate!

A new video tutorial series form our friend 72Pringle! I have already watched the 1st video and can’t wait for the others. He just gets better with every tutorial. That’s why Disney Infinity continues to be a great game.

This is Part 2 of Pringle’s Rogue One Scarif Toy Box. In this clip, by just using simple Blocks and Shapes, he creates a Rebel Cruiser (Blockage Runner). Download the step by step guide from the following link –…

Part 3 of the Rogue One Scarif Toy Box. In this clip he covers how to get your X-Wings to attack the Shield Gate. The X-Wings fly in a circular pattern, until they are shot down. This effect enhances the overall space battle within your toy box adventure.

Part 4 of the Rogue One Toy Box Level. In this clip he sets the foundations of the land battle within this level. The starting point on the Planet Scarif, is within a Cargo Shuttle. Download the following guide that goes with this clip :… : The clip breaks down how to build the shuttle and the logic needed to open the bay doors.

Part 5 of the Rogue One Toy Box Level. In this clip he guides you step by step on making the Scarif Bunker and the Repulsor Rail Network between the Citadel and Landing Bays. Watch out for the marching Stormtroopers leaving the Bunkers !!!




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